Of Songs

by Bruce Peninsula



Recorded on Harris Lake, at Angles Up, 576 and Margrath Place.

Features contributions from Neil Haverty, Matthew Cully, Misha Bower, Andrew Barker, Steven McKay, Tamara Lindeman, Ivy Mairi, Kari Peddle, Amy Learmonth, Daniela Gesundheit, Leon Taheny, Taylor Kirk, Christienne Chesney, Mike Smith and Dan Goldman.

Mixed by Andrew Barker.

Mastered by Fedge.

Cover artwork by Sarah Mangialardo.



We said we didn't trust a holy man who'd been holy all his life
And but for a single line
A distance bound by points
We watched as a body surrounded
A flickerin' light
And it shivered and it quavered as the wounded walk became the motion of
Arrivin' and returnin' 
Sing a song of songs
When we press upon the past
That presses upon us


Of the world, not of the world
A song of songs I sing to St. Sisyphus
Of myself, not myself
My song mistakes its stone for a crucifix
The of itself, not of itself
Look in, look in, your dull light is flickerin
The of itself, lost in the world
A song of songs I sing to St. Sisyphus 
The of itself, lost in the world
The of itself, lost in the world
Flickerin' out

All in the set-up, how how to roll in strides
One foot at a time, dusted with a weary white    
(The sound of shivering sigh)
Shins, shoulders and a quiverin' spine    
(One wound at a time)
Best just to control it, whoa oh oh oh  
(Don't rest on the down roll)
Heave up, huff and hold it, whoa oh oh oh   
(Don't rest on the down roll)
Your role actually felt
(Blown out at the knees)
Amazing memories prone to compete
(Daydreams grown as weeds)
To know 'em is to ruin their spark
(To know 'em is to ruin their spark)
Their question mark
(A mystery met, a mouthful said)
Their suiting to spar
(A mass of shooting stars)
To know 'em is to do with your time
(To set the shiver in your spine)
So terribly tight
(Just what you want and when)
Momentum met and left to rest
Let it rest, Let it Rest


You said that you could trust 
The hopeful man's stance
About as far as you can throw him
Through the air
Your roll got knocked off its rail
And tumbled t'wards the edge
And if you don't breathe in 
(The ground won't let out)
You'll be dead where you stand
(What you let in, let out)
Arrivin' and returning

Pound for pound
Recoverin' your ground
Lettin' back out 
All you take
Pounce for pounce
Rotation comes back around
To claim and count the ground you've made

So lay a claim
Lay a claim
Lay a claim

What you let in, let out again

The of itself lost in the world
Found in the story of a man 
Who turned his toiling into song 
Who said I know it by the beating
My heart is recieving
That the body leaving
Runs the blood of songs

I know it by the ground I gain beneath
The pressure in my soul is pushing through my feet
The weight of my song

Pound for pound, recovering your ground
Let out all you take
Pounce for pounce, rotation comes back around
To claim and count the ground you've made

I start the work alone then I work along
When in the song I sing I hear a hundred more
I hear a hundred strong
That man was said to start all over again
Through the work of songs


released April 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Bruce Peninsula Toronto, Ontario

“Every once in a while a band so uniquely powerful comes along, they renew your faith in music… Toronto’s alt-gospel (Bruce Peninsula) is one.” (Exclaim Magazine)

“Think hurricane, earthquake, or the kind of thunderstorm that makes you crawl under the bed with your blankie.” (Pitchfork Media)

“A quite stunning sound...” (BBC)
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